Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Network Community

Now a days its a craze to be in Orkut, Hi5 , Tagged Network Communities is a popular thing. Today in the news many got interested by a Thane issue where the has been used to harm the reputation of an young lady. Click Here

Please be careful when you are in such network communities. The world is very bad out there, we need to be cautious before we provide any information

Sunday, October 08, 2006

My First Fall 2007

I have never thought in my life , I would be seeing the most beautiful thing in this world. What an excellent thing is Fall in USA. While watching movies , sme songs might have trees with colors and i used to wonder where the hell are these places, when I am seeing one. I was so so happy yesterday. For everyone who had been here for Fall the first time, may be you would have been like me, or am I over reacting. Anyways just a few snaps from the NewHampshire Fall Colors.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Google Logo

Some of you guys would have known by now about this Google Logo creation.. Its cool isn't it
Check it out....

On Mirror

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Indian Niagara

Athirapalli and Vazhachal Waterfalls, this is located in Kerala on the edge of Sholayar Forest Range. It is in the Chalakudy river. If anyone reading this blog have visited the falls. Please share your experience.

After seeing this I wonder why the Indian Government does not increase the tourism benefits. We can definitely earn lot of revenue by these places. Why are we hesitating some places like this?

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Google Reader

Its been a while since I had updated this blog. I thought of updating something which is really useful for the bloggers.

Google has come up with a real good stuff which our bloggers can use and have our day start cooly.

Its the Google Reader .

We just need to subscribe the blogs which we would like to view everyday and the feeds of that blog would be in the Reader Inbox. It is something like our web inbox.

I think most of us would try to explore. Lets explore and make this a good one !!!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Is Pluto still a Planet ?

Offlate there were lots of news whether Pluto is a real planet, dwarf planet, asteroid or a comet. Just to have some info on Pluto.

Pluto is the ninth planet of our solar system and it was discovered in 1930. This Planet status has no problem until 1992. In 1992 when astronomers found out a strange object called 1992QB1. And they questioned the status of Pluto being the Planet. And now serious discussions are going on whether to include Pluto as a planet or not.

Interesting Things on Pluto:
1) Like earth having 365 days to complete one rotation in the orbit. Pluto takes 248 years to complete the rotation. And in this 248 years, at a duration, Pluto comes closer to the Sun than Neptune and it becomes the Eighth planet for 20 years.
2) Pluto's size is less than United States of America.
3) Pluto has not been visited by a space craft till now. And plans are there to visit in 2010.

Whether Pluto is still a planet or not, but what do the astrologers have to say on this?
This astrologers in countries other than india have said,
For all that Pluto (re)creates (it also governs the reproductive system), it loves to destroy. This Planet rules destruction, death, obsession, kidnapping, coercion, viruses and waste. That's definitely not pretty. Pluto also governs crime and the underworld, along with many forms of subversive activity (terrorism, dictatorships). This Planet is about all that is secret and undercover, that which is hidden from view. Is this the story of good vs. evil? Yes.

No one will deny Pluto's power (it rules atomic power, too) and intensity. This Planet's energy is often focused on the masses and what the collective will do. Pluto beseeches the masses to look inward (and to their subconscious) to see what's there. It may be scary, but Pluto doesn't care. This Planet knows how to push buttons.

Astrologers in India have made this statement,
"Indian astrology did not include Pluto as a planet and the latest announcement by leading global astronomers after a marathon week-long meeting at Prague only endorsed the Indian mathematical astrology of Aryabhatta and Varahamihira in the sixth century. Western astrology uses Pluto as a planet while Pluto was always out of Indian astrology and we do not use it in our calculations. This is the practice from the days of Aryabhatta and Varahamihira.Indian astrology is mathematically concerned with the nine planets, two of which are Raghu and Ketu that are nothing but derivatives from the diameter of earth, which is a circle having a value pi (22/7) imbedded in the equator of earth" eminent mathematical astrologer Mangal Prasad said

Nine Planets in Indian Astrology are
¤ Sun
¤ Moon
¤ Mars
¤ Mercury
¤ Jupiter
¤ Venus
¤ Saturn
¤ Rahu
¤ Ketu

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I got my friend back

I have been with this Friend since 1994. Initially neighbours said to my dad, if i have her my education would be spoiled. Later i was immersed in lot of hers like Jodi Porutham , Varthai Vilayattu, Arattai Arangam etc., There were so many faces (mega serial) for her Jeevan, Marmadesam, Chitti, Annamalai, Selvi. I was watching from her first face of Raghuvamsam.

Earlier to this only one story(movie) per week is allowed from other friend(Doordarshan). After she came into my life there was a story everyday.

When ever X / XII results come, i watch her eagerly to know the top ranker and the details. We woke up in her face everyday. She is always my good friend. It is always the 1st channel in our house.

My life was embedded in hers. Even though lot of other fancy friends came. I always had this Softcorner to her.

After i got married i missed her a lot, as my inlaws house dint like to have her, as she is in other language :(

But now i got my friend back in my laptop . She has come with her sister to my laptop.

News: I have got SunTV and KTV now :))

Do any of you guys miss her. Go to